Book Review – Bourne to Love Emma by MacKenzie K. Paxton

 Bourne to Love Emma - Kindle Edition
Book Title: Bourne to Love Emma
Indie Author: MacKenzie K. Paxton
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance/Military Romance
Length: 71K+ words, a standalone novel
Price: $2.99 (Kindle Edition) or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Book Synopsis: 

Emma Parsons is a single mother of a feisty little two-year old, Mia.  The father is no longer in the picture after an unexpected divorce a year prior to the current setting.  Emma was able to pick up the pieces like a champ and move on without the selfish  bastard who wasn’t interested in having kids and made damn sure he didn’t even have to support Emma or his child, financially or otherwise.
A year after the divorce, in true moving-on fashion, Emma has a new life, new apartment, a hilarious best friend/moral support, and a job that allows her to work from home most of the time to be with little Mia.  A new man wasn’t high on the priority list, but when the ridiculously hot guy in Apartment 6B comes knocking one day, that all begins to change.
To the outside world, Jason Davies is just an average I.T. guy who works out. A. LOT.  In reality, he’s been out of the Navy SEALs for three years and now works for a private security company that takes on missions the government can’t or won’t approve.  In his line of work in the military, relationships just didn’t work out in the long-term, and that thinking stuck with him until he met Emma.
Just when things start heating up between Jason and Emma, her past comes back to haunt her. Jason and his team at R.E.D. get pulled in to offer protection to Emma and Mia, and Jason won’t rest until they are safe, but doing his job proves to be a little more difficult when his heart is involved.
Author’s note: “This book contains graphic language, sex, and violence.  Mature readers only.
MacKenzie K. Paxton believes in true love, fidelity, and Happily Ever After, and these beliefs are apparent in her novels.”

My Review

What worked: This book had me hooked right from the prologue.  I already hated the scumbag of a husband who was asking for a divorce, and already felt a connection to Emma, the protagonist.  In Chapter 1 and throughout the book, I was literally laughing out loud at the dialogue between Emma and her friend Heather.  In fact, Heather was hilarious, and further on in the book, I thought she was kind of a bad ass.  I was also hysterically laughing when Jason Davies was introduced to the story, bringing the “accidentally opened package” to Emma’s door and knowing exactly what was in that box and knowing he had seen what was in it.
The overall premise of this story was really interesting to me, and I thought the details about R.E.D. were really intriguing as well.  I quite literally could not put this book down and read the entire novel in a single Sunday.
What could use some work: There were only a couple of things I thought could use some work on this book.  The first thing is, it was a little bit distracting how the verb tense continuously changed between present and past tense, within the same paragraphs and even within the same sentences, throughout the book.  I know that would be a tedious fix for a 71K word novel, but I think if that was done, this book would be a huge seller.
The other thing is, I would have liked to see something a little more concrete in the transition from the point when Emma and Jason went from being not together yet to suddenly being together.  If there was maybe one more scene somewhere in between there to really define, THIS is the moment it changed and this is exactly what happened to push it from the former to the latter, I think it would really set this book apart.
I think if these two things were changed, this book would get a hands-down Five Star Review.
I also look forward to reading the next book, Fighting for Heather.

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