Book Review – Open Home Closed Heart by Libby Cole

Book Title: Open Home Closed Heart
Indie Author: Libby Cole
Genre: New Adult/ Contemporary Romance/ Erotica (mature content)
Length: 52K words
Price: $0.99 (Kindle Edition)

Book Synopsis: 

Tessa is a real estate agent, a top performer at her agency, and the boss’s pet.  She is ambitious, talented, and assertive in her job, and she’s on track to go places.
Then Damien comes along.
Damien is a transfer from a competing company, and immediately sizes Tessa up as his top competition, literally giving her a run for her money.  He ruthlessly sets out to beat her numbers, even using some pretty underhanded methods to go about it.
But things aren’t always what they seem, and they both find out soon enough that there’s a little more to each other’s story than what meets the eye.

My Review

What worked:
This book has a pretty good opening line and immediately starts giving the reader some depth to the main character.  Immediately, we know she has a habit of being late, and she’s pretty realistic about making a point to work on that but knowing it’s not likely to happen any time soon.
Throughout the book, there are some witty lines that made me laugh.  The writer has a pretty good foundation on writing well, overall.  I also felt like the story flowed at a good pace for the majority of the book.
Then there were the steamy scenes.  Quite a few of them, actually!  Those, I felt, were well-written and did a good job of pulling me in.  In fact, I’d say the steamy scenes are what made this book work, and I especially liked the tension building up to those.
I also liked that the female protagonist/main character was a strong female lead, not just a weak, damsel-in-distress type who needs to be rescued and have other people solve her own problems for her.  I definitely liked Tessa’s character the most, but Damien’s character wasn’t so bad himself.  Of course, isn’t it every girl’s secret fantasy to make the bad boy fall so desperately in love with her that he changes for her and her alone?  No?  Okay, well maybe that’s just me.
What could use some work:
My biggest complaint about this book is, I felt like the ending could have been developed a lot more.  I felt like there could have been a little more conflict in the final plot twist to help draw it out and keep the reader hooked in to the story.  As it was, without giving too much away, it felt almost too easy, and then some emotional stuff that happened a little too instantly for my taste, or maybe not instantly but definitely too fast.  This could just be a personal preference that others would not agree with.
Instead of an epilogue, I could see there being a sequel to this book, that goes into the struggles, conflict, and ultimate resolution for something major that was revealed in the end portion of the book, that would let us see how Tess would ultimately reach her biggest goal in life.  Those are some stakes, right there.
There were a few minor grammatical errors here and there (against when it should have said again, he when it should have said she).  These were few and far between, and not enough to deter me from reading.
Overall, I felt like the story was interesting, and there wasn’t any point of the book where I really just felt like putting it down because of my interest level, even though I took several days to read it from beginning to end.  It was a fairly quick read, and I would recommend it, especially for the steamy scenes!  (/fans myself.)

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