Book Review -In Blood We Trust by Elodie Colt

In Blood We Trust - Elodie Colt
In Blood We Trust
by Elodie Colt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received an Advanced Reviewer Copy of this book for the purposes of beta-reading. I was not asked to leave a review, but definitely wanted to share my thoughts on this book.

It was fantastic. Even the early edition I read that hasn’t/hadn’t been edited yet was written really well. The premise of the story intrigued me, but the story itself, I can honestly say pulled me in from page one, and kept me turning the pages to see what happened next.

I felt like the futuristic aspect of this story was very realistic. It was subtle, not overdone, which helped add to the realism for me. Then there was the idea that, in the future, the cure for cancer is not without its own side effects, which turn people into virtual, real-life vampires, and not in a sci-fi kind of way. I also found it so believable the way that the agency who created the Cure kept the money coming in, so typical of that industry as we know.

Then there was the romance. My favorite part of any good story, the Romance in this book was just the right amount of build-up. It wasn’t “insta-love.” It took them some time to work up to the good stuff, and the good stuff was very good!

There was a good amount of depth to the characters in this book, especially the main character/heroine who we follow from start to finish. Her past and how it shaped her as a person, I felt was consistent throughout the book, and I felt like there were several things that made her very relatable. I was able to really sympathize with her and like her from the get-go. The stakes were set high immediately, and I was rooting for her to succeed from page one.

I also found the pacing of this story to be just right. There was not a single point in this story that I can remember feeling like it was lagging in any way or wanting to skim over.

Overall, this book is well worth the read. This is a book I can see myself rereading again. Very good work and well-deserving of every one of the 5 stars.

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