Book Review – Stuck With Me by Cassandra Piat

stuck with me - cassandra piat
Stuck with Me : A romantic comedy set in Mauritius
by Cassandra Piat

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received an Advanced Reader Copy of Stuck With Me by Cassandra Piat back in July 2016 for the purposes of beta-reading.

My Thoughts
What a great book! It’s very relatable, and I felt pretty invested in the characters. The progression of the story played out really well, and I felt like it had a good pace. There was never a point during this book when I was wishing it would get on with it or that I felt like I needed to skim over to get to a good part. It was interesting and kept me entertained from start to finish.

When Molly, the girl with the seemingly unshakable sunny disposition, finds herself next to grumpy and pessimistic Adam on her flight to Mauritius, she’s determined not to let him spoil her holiday. To Molly’s chagrin, the flight isn’t the end of it, and Mr. McGrumpy starts popping up everywhere, one thing after another, scheming up more ways to make her lovely trip a perpetual disaster! But there’s more than meets the eye to both of these two, and it will set them on a hilarious, maddening, and life-changing course as Adam, a journalist, learns the answers he needs to write his story, and Molly finally learns just why this gorgeous guy has been following her around making her life crazy all week. When their holiday comes to an end, and the truth comes to light, Molly must decide whether or not she can trust Adam with her heart.

There were moments in this book that I literally laughed out loud. Then there were moments that just kind of warm your heart as you see glimpses of this awful guy start doing these nice things, and you see the chemistry between the two characters even when they are at odds with each other. And then there are parts when you want to just yell out, “NOOOOOOO!!! Don’t do that!” Needless to say, I got pretty emotionally invested in this story line.

The only thing that stood out for me that I wasn’t just really thrilled with in the early reader version of this book was the way Adam’s sisters referred to him as being hot and attractive when talking to Molly a couple of times later on in the book. This felt a little bit creepy and weird to me, and was part of my beta-reader feedback to change, so this may or may not have been changed in the final version.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book.

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