Book Review – Snowbound: A Chicklit Christmas Novella by Monique McDonald

snow bound - monique mcdonell
Snowbound – A Chicklit Christmas Novella
by Monique McDonell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Snowbound by Monique McDonell was an entertaining, heartwarming, holiday romance. I found myself finishing the entire thing over just a few hours.

Zara is on a plane, flying from Sydney, Australia, to New York, to see her long distance boyfriend. It’s the first time she’s ever spent Christmas away from her family, and really a spur-of-the-moment decision to splurge on the plane ticket, but she hasn’t seen Mike since he took an accounting job in the States back in April. Trouble is, she gets snowed in at the Denver airport and has to make the most of her time in Denver, since the forecast of her getting to New York looks pretty bleak. Luckily, the friendly (not to mention good-looking) Kyle who sat next to her on the plane is there to keep her company and bail her out of a situation of having no place to stay. When Zara unveils that an ocean wasn’t the only distance Mike had apparently been trying to put between them, Zara warms to the idea of exploring some sparks between her and Kyle, and that’s when things really start getting good.

A notable quote from the book:
This tree was beautiful but it did not have soul. Kind of like my relationship with Mike. I’d been a pretty decoration, but I hadn’t been treasured.

I found this book to be really laugh-out-loud funny in many places. In other places, I found myself saying, you know, I wish more people would act like that. I found the pacing to be great, especially for a novella, and while there were a few typos here and there (i.e. “in to” instead of “into,” and a couple of instances of switching from past tense to present tense), overall I thought this was a very well-written book. I especially liked how Zara’s family is written to be so prominent in her life, even when they aren’t around. She’s got this huge, nosey, pushy, Italian family, but she appreciates them at the same time.

I could hear my mother’s voice here with me in the shower. “Zara, just because we want the cake doesn’t mean we should have the cake.”

Needless to say, I recommend this great little read for some heart-warming romance, Holiday cheer, and a sweet HEA.

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