Book Review – Breaking Giants by L.M. Halloran

Breaking GiantsBreaking Giants by L.M. Halloran

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another fantastic read from L.M. Halloran.

After having read The Reluctant Socialite and loved it, I was excited to read this new book from the same author. I was pleased to discover the same level of writing talent, steam, angst, and suspense in Breaking Giants that made the previous book so good and entertaining.

This book follows the indelible story of starlet daughter of a now-deceased singer/songwriter mother and music producer father, Rose Cunningham, and mega rock-star sensation, Julian Ashburn, as they forge their way to finding who they are and whether they could ever make it work together. I found myself highly invested in this story, emotionally. The characters were very complex, well-written, and very relatable. I actually found myself getting chills basically every time Aunt Katherine made an appearance, and I found the supporting characters to be just as interesting and adding to the story.

I especially liked how this book incorporates music and song lyrics throughout, all original material by the author. I also liked how certain themes were noticeable throughout the story. The Prince of Swords, for example, in the unsolicited tarot readings of the freakishly accurate and equal-opportunity spiritualist, Aunt Katherine, keeps bringing up in regards to the mega-hot front-man of Breaking Giants. I loved how Rose would get some “warnings” or “advice” from Aunt K at some point, and then a while later things happen and you’re like… THAT’S WHAT AUNT K WAS TALKING ABOUT!!

I also found this book to be very poetic, even when not quoting song lyrics. For example:

His voice in person surpasses my wildest dreams. Smoke with a touch of honey.

Inside me, disappointment and relief share a slow dance.

The new dawn is stunning, streaks of brilliant white piercing clouds and granting the world below rare clarity.

Finally, I found the epilogue to be extremely satisfying the way it gives the reader a glimpse of the future and how things end up going for these characters.

In sum, definitely a winner here. If you like contemporary, new adult romance and romantic suspense with steamy adult situations here and there, this book is definitely worth the read.

I was provided an ARC of this book prior to release date and am voluntarily providing my honest review of this book.

breaking-giants-l-m-halloranPreorder Breaking Giants by L.M.Halloran now on Amazon.  Release date: March 31, 2017.

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