Book Review – Magick Reborn by Katerina Martinez

“Yes,” Bernarde quipped, “Deal with me, Jean Luc. Come and dance with the night, brother. Let us battle ‘till the sun turns us to ash.” – Katerina Martinez, Magick Reborn

Magick Reborn
by Katerina Martinez

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I saw the cover of this new Urban Fantasy Series starter, I knew I had to read it. I’m glad I did. It was a good story, reminding me a lot of another book I really liked, also set in New Orleans, with a super-hot French guy who is (but isn’t supposed to be) the guy you want the heroine to end up with, somehow, which was Ghouls Rush In by H.P. Mallory, and it’s even better sequel, Once Haunted, Twice Shy.

I found Magick Reborn to be a quick, easy, and entertaining read. There were a couple of things I thought were a tad bit lacking, like the development of Nicole’s character and the role she played. I kept having this feeling like, why are you trusting this girl? I don’t trust her! Which ended up being a wrong assumption on my part, which I was able to figure out toward the end of the book.

But other than that, I really loved several other aspects of this book. I loved the secrets about the house, the history that drew Madison to it in the first place. I super-loved Jean Luc and pretty much everything about his character, noble and bad-ass at the same time. I hope there’s A LOT more of him in the next book!! I loved what the author did with Remy’s character, and how things played out for him at the end of this book. I also thought the way Madison could feel the flares of magick while she was on a date with Remy was kind of bone-chilling once I figured out what caused it. Talk about foreshadowing! Wow.

And of course, knowing Book 2 will come out in just a few weeks probably helped me feel less “cliff-hangery,” surely I’m not the first to invent that word, but while there are several things still left open to be resolved, pretty big things, I didn’t feel too cheated by the ending of this book. I felt like it set it up nicely to move into Book #2, which I will definitely be reading.

(view spoiler)

I think this book is well-worth 4 stars, and if it hadn’t been for the two things I mentioned above, between Nicole’s character and my spoiler question, I’d have probably given it five stars.

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