Book Review – Blaque Beauty and the Billionaire by Erin Lee Daniels

IMG_0006Blaque Beauty and the Billionaire by Erin Lee Daniels

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I give Blaque Beauty and the Billionaire a solid 4.5 stars I’m rounding up to 5. It was a great story about a clearly confident and capable black woman in her late twenties working for a sought after designer, and they’re spending the week at a fancy chalet in Colorado for the purposes of being hired to help with a remodel. Marlee, the assistant of the great Dorian Pennington, runs into the owner of the hotel, Marc Ross (white male), one day while sitting in the Oak Room, and the chemistry between them was instant, palpable, and well-written.

For a fairly short read, around 25K words that I read in a few hours on a Saturday, I found this to be a solid, interesting story with interesting and multifaceted characters. The pace of the story flowed really well, and I especially liked how the time lapse between the final chapter and the epilogue took place to show that things had evolved in a really satisfying way that didn’t happen too quickly. Major kudos for this!

Aside from the main characters, I found myself really liking the character of Dorian Pennington. She sounds like someone I’d really like in real life. I found her character to have a good, unique voice, and I could tell when she was talking, even without any dialogue tags, as was the case with other minor characters.

As for the author’s tag-line, “80% sweet, 20% heat,” I found this to be a good balance to let the story itself shine through. I did find the “heat” scene to be pretty hot, too!

I think this book might be the first BWWM book I’ve read, which is surprising to me, but even as a “white” girl, I really got into this story. I read this book free on Kindle Unlimited. Good story. I recommend.

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