#BookReview: Birthday Suit by Lauren Blakely

Birthday Suit

by Lauren Blakely

Genre:  Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Publisher: Little Dog Press
Book Release Date: January 17, 2019
My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

What a fun audiobook to listen to! This was a new experience for me. I’ve of course listened to duet narration before, which is also a lot of fun, but this had a different and unique voice for every single character, and there were quite a few. 

As for the story, I’d say it kind of had that Knocked Up Plan vibe, in that there wasn’t a whole lot of angst or external conflict in this story, which I know a lot of people are getting into these days. Most of the conflict was internal for each character, as well as the taking us through the events of the past that led the characters to feel said internal conflict.

So we have Leo and Lulu, and they have history going back 10 years when Lulu dated and eventually married Leo’s best friend, Tripp. Leo has had it bad for her all this time, but she is only just now starting to have feelings for him. In that aspect, it was nice that it wasn’t “insta-love” and they both found their way to each other in good time. 

I liked how the reason Lulu is no longer with Tripp was kind of slowly revealed piece by piece as well. 

But most of all, the characters! Oh my goodness, all these characters. The bar owner friend and his Australian accent, the supercharged coworker voiced by Joe Arden who needed a Xanax (lol) or at least to lay off the energy drinks. Haha. There were just so many fun characters, too many to list out one by one, but every single one of them was voiced masterfully. The acting was superb. Hands down a phenomenal performance all the way through on this.

If it had just a little more conflict, I would have easily given this 5 stars, but that completely comes down to personal preference because I apparently prefer to be wrecked and emotionally traumatized with my books. I still recommend this wholeheartedly, especially especially especially the audiobook. 

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