#BookReview: Lucky Suit by Lauren Blakely

Lucky Suit

by Lauren Blakely

Genre:  Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Publisher: Audible Studios (audiobook only)
Book Release Date: January 31, 2019
My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This was a short story that I decided to pop in on a long drive home from Amarillo today. It was a super cute little story, very romantic, and very swoony.

It follows Kristen, who’s recently decided to give online dating a try after several failed set-ups her grandma put her up to, and Cameron, the nephew of a car auction guy the grandma happens to meet one night while looking to buy an auctioned car.

The grandma was a hoot. She was a lot of fun, and I loved her feisty personality as well as her relationship with Kristen.

Cameron was just plain everything. He was a brainy type, so easy going, and the kind of guy you could easily fall straight head over heels in love with.

This story was super short, but just long enough to get that fun banter, that suspenseful build-up, and that satisfying HEA. What a nice surprise right before Valentine’s Day.

Have I mentioned how much I love Lauren Blakely books?

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