#BookReview: Second Nature by Nora Roberts

Second Nature

by Nora Roberts

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Silhouette Special Releases
Book Release Date: Reissue Edition January 14, 2019
My Review: ★★★★

This was a cute, enjoyable story – short and sweet. Even though it was originally published in 1985, it didn’t feel dated, other than the guy smoking indoors. 🙂 I felt everything was still relevant and believable.

I enjoyed the characters, and I especially enjoyed their banter. The scenery within the story was also done well. I could almost see the canyons and the sunrise. Could almost feel the rain pounding against the tent. 

On one hand, it was a nice slow burn, getting a good way into the book before they gave in to their chemistry and attraction to one another, tension building up along the way. On the other hand from another aspect of it, it may have been a little too rushed to feel realistic for me … spending two weeks together before deciding they loved each other … but sometimes I guess you just know!

Overall, it was a fun story. I’d recommend it for a quick weekend afternoon or summer read. 🙂

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