#BookReview: I Have Never by Camilla Isley

I Have Never

by Camilla Isley

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher:  Pink Bloom Press
Book Release Date: July 13, 2017
My Review: ★★★★

I feel like I had some mixed feelings throughout this book as I was reading it. 

I feel like it started out pretty strong. The very beginning was like a really good one-two-punch kind of thing, like it came out swinging and really set up the stage for good conflict in the story right out of the gate. And then it kind of coasted for a bit.

My note at 32% said this: 

“I keep going back and forth between LOL and …seriously? It feels pretty light and fun, sort of Devil Wears Prada meets … Beauty and the Briefcase? But I keep wanting something a little deeper and beyond the surface. Definitely slow burn but not really any significant hint yet of heat, so it feels a bit dragging. Give me something I can hang onto soon, please!”

Up until a little past halfway through, I was struggling with sticking with the story because it was a little too slow of a “slow burn” for my taste. I kept wanting to see SOME kind of hint that these two characters actually liked each other and not just a one-sided, unrequited kind of thing. 

There was even one point, one in my opinion rather egregious incident where I would have been completely done as in point of no return, no looking back, I’d have been done. But ol’ girl Blair wasn’t done, and I’m glad I kept reading because it was almost like the author really got into her groove at this certain point, and I really enjoyed the rest of the book from that point forward. 

But … As much as I love dogs, I feel like the dog could have been left out of this story and it wouldn’t have detracted anything. I think it made the cheese factor a little too much for me the way it was written into the story. The dog can understand English? Lol 

But there was a particular game of “Never Have I Ever” that turned into “Truth or Dare” at one point that totally turned things around for me with this story and won me over. Very realistic, and I loved how the tension built up higher and higher in that scene. That was the point when I decided I really liked this book.

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