May 2019 Reading Wrap Up

This month I did things a little differently. There were a handful of books I knew I wanted to read this month because they were new releases I’ve been waiting on for a while, but as for the rest, I just kind of went with what I felt like at the time, which I have to admit was kind of nice.

On the down side, I didn’t read as much as I have the last several months, but since I’m way ahead of schedule on my goal for the year, I’m pretty ok with that.

What did I read this month?

Lover Eternal
J.R. Ward
Crazy Rich Asians
Kevin Kwan
Storm Cursed
Patricia Briggs
The Bride Test
Helen Hoang
The Unhoneymooners
Christina Lauren
I Have Never
Camilla Isley
Remedial Rocket Science
Susannah Nix
Intermediate Thermodynamics
Susannah Nix
Next Girl to Die
Dea Poirier
What She Doesn’t Know
Andrew E. Kaufman


This was a fantastic reading month as far as how much I loved all the books I read. I really, really enjoyed every single one of them.

Although, it looks like they were pretty much all romance books. And of course, I love romance, but here are a few books I’ve started and haven’t finished yet but will soon.

Started In May But Haven’t Finished Yet…

Dannika Dark

So far, I’m super-enjoying Gaslight. Dannika Dark’s stuff is always really good. I’m about middle of the road on The Priory of the Orange Tree but leaning more toward liking it than not liking it.

So that’s it for May! What did you read this month? Anything you were really impressed with?

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