June 2019 Reading Wrap Up

It was an interesting month. There were a couple of books I didn’t get to that I intended on reading, but there were several I ended up reading I hadn’t originally planned on, so overall, I was happy.

Here’s what I read in June…

Mistress of the Ritz
Melanie Benjamin
Advanced Physical Chemistry
Susannah Nix
Her Last Word
Mary Burton
Throne of Glass
Sarah J. Maas
The Dancer
Elin Peer
Her Last Goodbye
Melinda Leigh
A Killer’s Mind
Mike Omer
I’m Fine and Neither Are You
Camille Pagan
The Storm Sister
Lucinda Riley
Matchmaking For Beginners
Maddie Dawson
The Wish Collector
Mia Sheridan
The Hypnotist’s Love Story
Liane Moriarty

In all honesty, I read the bulk of The Hypnotist’s Love Story in June but finished it on the first of July, so I’m counting it for June’s reads. I also started some notable mentions that I haven’t quite finished yet, including…

I also read an ARC of a book titled Handle Me by Elodie Colt, which does not have a cover or buy link just yet, but it was another 5-Star read… bringing my total to 13 completed books and 2 started but not quite finished.

How did you fare for June? Read anything worth gushing over?

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