#WrapUp February 2020 – Books I Read This Month (And What I Thought)

You know what’s kind of awesome?

I was invited to join a local book club group a couple of years ago, one that was well-established and celebrated their 10 year anniversary shortly after I joined. I loved it so much, I started another book club on the Meetup app, and for the first couple months, it was just me and one or two other ladies. The past couple months, though? 7 or 8 have attended, and more requests to join the group come in every week.

Several who have joined and attended the meetings have said they were new to the area and knew the best way to meet new friends was to find the book clubs. I mean, how true is that?? What better way to connect with people than over the common interest of books? You’ll never run out of things to talk about.

Anyway, here’s what I read this month (and what I thought about them). Stay tuned tomorrow to see what I plan to read for March!!

The Flight Girls
by Noelle Salazar
Dare to Lead
by Brené Brown
Killman Creek
by Rachel Caine

The Last Move
by Mary Burton
The Cruel Prince
by Holly Black
It All Comes Back to You
by Beth Duke

Long Bright River
by Liz Moore

The British Knight
by Louise Bay
Would Like to Meet
by Rachel Winters
★ (DNF)

Top 3 Books

(Most liked books I read in February)

I absolutely loved these three books. They were well-written, engaging, and all-around top-notch.

The Flight Girls was a stunning book that has stuck with me past the final page.

Dare to Lead is a book I’ve been recommending to my staff at work ever since I read it.

And Killman Creek, the sequel to Stillhouse Lake, was even more suspenseful and gripping than the first in the series.

Bottom 3

(Least liked books I read in February)

I wanted to like Would Like to Meet. I tried to like it. I kept reading well past the point of this isn’t working for me. It just never grabbed me, so I gave up trying about half way in.

The British Knight was good. I enjoyed reading it. I just felt like it was missing some oomph.

Long Bright River was enjoyable. I wavered between 3 and 4 stars, but after my local book club discussion, I think I had more respect for the book than I originally did after finishing it.

Coming tomorrow: #TBR March 2020

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