#TBR June 2020

It’s like I went to bed one fine February day and woke up in June. Like the last few months have been both excruciatingly long and devastatingly short at the same time. How is this even possible?

I credit my ability to get through it all to the awesome books I’ve been reading. Like, really.

So last month, I started out May thinking I’d had such trouble getting into a lot of the books I’d stacked up on my TBR (for April, especially) so I took it easy and made a really light TBR for May. Apparently, that is the way to go right now because I ended up reading ALL my May TBR books and then 6 more on top of that.

So, let’s break it down for June. Here’s what I’m planning to (hopefully) read this month.

Bone Crier’s Moon
Kathryn Purdie
Tweet Cute
Emma Lord
Seeing Red
Sandra Brown
Brandon Sanderson
King Hall
Scarlet Dawn
Clockwork Angel
Cassandra Clare

Ok, so 9 books is totally doable, right? Especially since I’m on the last maybe 30 pages of Clockwork angel right now, so that one will be done before the day’s out if all goes according to plan. And for the record, I’m finding myself a bit more partial to Mr. Carstairs this 2nd time around than I remember being the first time I read the Infernal Devices series. Hmm…

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