Spring Girls

Spring GirlsSpring Girls by Karen Katchur
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Interesting premise. A woman who survived an attack and rape by a yet uncaught serial killer results in a pregnancy and ultimately the birth of her son. While police continue to try to find the killer as new victims continue to come up, the mother of the serial killer’s child begins to wonder if there might really be something to the “serial killer gene” theory when a string of questionable behaviors begin to happen in her now kindergarten-age son.

What I liked about this book, aside from the multiple POV between investigators looking for justice and the surviving victim, was that it wasn’t clear until later on in the book, who the bad guy was, not glaringly predictable. There was a point where I started wondering what the deal was with a couple of characters, but I kept thinking the clues were trying to throw me off. It was also interesting that a simple, seemingly innocent, minute suggestion could plant the seed of an idea that would grow into something all-consuming as was the case in this story and how the things that happened after, all seemed to point to one thing that wasn’t necessarily true.

Overall, good book and I would recommend.

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