Books I’m Excited About In October 2020

Happy October, book friends! Who is ready to read in October?

I put a list together with books I’m excited about in October 2020. Kind of like a TBR, but without the pressure because I am such a mood reader, and my library likes to surprise me with what holds it gives me access to at what times on the Libby app. And also, there’s that dreaded limit on Scribd, too. You just never know what will derail a TBR, am I right?

I have to mention, because this is definitely something to be excited about right now, that I am nearly caught up with my NetGalley ARCs, and have officially gotten my feedback percentage back up to 80%. Yes, that is correct. Be jealous!

And if you want some numbers on where I’m at for the year on books read and books hauled, here’s my current snapshot:

Number of Books Read in 2020 by Month
Number of Books Hauled in 2020 by month

Yes, I know. I have a problem. I also have no social life and haven’t left my house since basically March. Don’t judge me.

So let’s get into the books I’m excited for!

General/Women’s Fiction

I started reading the Paradise series this summer (shortly after finishing 28 Summers by Elin Hilderbrand), and have been patiently awaiting this third and final installment. So much I need to know that I hope this book will reveal! I mean, is the husband really dead? REALLY?

This one just looks absolutely and feministically fun. Family drama, skeletons in closets (or car trunks). How can this not be epic?

Bonus because this was the pick for my local book club this month. Meet us at the winery on October 24th!

Not only are all of Fredrik Backman’s books translated works, they are also so relatable and genuine. The author has such a way of creating a community of characters in his books and connecting them with the reader on such an emotional level.

Audiobook available on Scribd!


Alyssa Cole’s first foray into the world of psychological thrillers. Is there anything this author can’t do? Such a talented author.

After reading extra creep-tacular The Turn of the Key not too long ago, I knew I had to read this next one by Ruth Ware. Especially with it being available on Book of the Month in September.

Fingers crossed my library hold on Libby will come through in October!

Military men, local and former NYPD cops, I mean come on… you had me at “Night Ninjas.” But really, this sounds like a doozy of a mystery, and I do love a good crime fiction.


I think we’ve all been waiting for this book to finally arrive. People say V.E. Schwab is a hit or miss author, but so far all I’ve read from her I have enjoyed. This one sounds extra intriguing to me, for some reason, though. Immortality in exchange that no one will ever remember you. And then one day, someone does. What??

I first heard of A Deadly Education watching Samantha from Thoughts on Tomes on Booktube, and it sounded really interesting. A magical school that you only graduate from if you don’t die. Sounds like a killer good time.

New this month as an add-on for Book of the Month!

This is one that’s been out for a while, since 2019, and has even been on my shelf for a few months now. I think it’s time to finally read it. It sounds very dark and mysterious, and has a very lovely map inside the back cover that gives me major ACOTAR vibes.

Also, I found the audiobook on Scribd!


This one has been way too long on my most anticipated reads list, so it’s time to delve in. It looks like a light, fluffy, gay-for-you troped F/F romance, and while I see a lot of M/M romances or even M/M/F romances, I don’t see a lot of F/F, especially in mainstream fiction. I do love to read diverse characters and from diverse authors, so I’m surprised I’ve waited this long to get to this one.

And speaking of books it’s taken me way too long to read, (and diverse authors, and diverse characters) this one keeps on staring me in the face and nudging me, just taunting me on how good I know it’s going to be.

The time is now, and it’s going to happen. And the audiobook is also on Scribd, and the ebook was on sale at the time I wrote this sentence for only $1.99!

Finally, another diverse author and book with diverse characters, J. Santiago writes sports romance with interracial couples, and this cover just speaks to me. It’s beautiful! There’s not an audiobook (at least not yet), so it will likely take me a while to get it finished, simply because I have a lot going on and audiobooks are my lifeblood. But usually when I set a goal of at least 50 pages a day/night, I can knock it out pretty quickly.


What is your book companion drink of choice? Coffee, tea, something else?

Let me know down below!

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