#BookReview: I Have Never by Camilla Isley

I Have Never by Camilla Isley Genre: Contemporary RomancePublisher:  Pink Bloom PressBook Release Date: July 13, 2017My Review: ★★★★ I feel like I had some mixed feelings throughout this book as I was reading it.  I feel like it started out pretty strong. The very beginning was like a really good one-two-punch kind of thing, like it came… Read More

#BookReview: Birthday Suit by Lauren Blakely

Birthday Suit by Lauren Blakely Genre:  Contemporary Romance/Romantic ComedyPublisher: Little Dog PressBook Release Date: January 17, 2019My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ What a fun audiobook to listen to! This was a new experience for me. I’ve of course listened to duet narration before, which is also a lot of fun, but this had a different and unique voice for… Read More

#BookReview: Muffin Top by Avery Flynn

Muffin Top by Avery Flynn Genre:  Contemporary Romance/Romantic ComedyPublisher: Entangled AmaraBook Release Date: October 29, 2018My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “… this was a full-on, fully engaged four-alarm fire, and he was glad as hell to be burning. -Muffin Top, Page 164, Avery Flynn There was a lot I loved about this book, not least of which was the… Read More

#BookReview: Part-Time Lover by Lauren Blakely

“I’ve told him I don’t want romance. I’ve made it clear I don’t believe in fate. I can’t let myself go to those places. They are cities where I’m no longer welcome, towns where I can’t find my way. If I went there, I might get lost and never be found again.” Read More

#BookReview: Unzipped by Lauren Blakely

Unzipped by Lauren Blakely Genre: Contemporary RomancePublisher: Little Dog PressBook Release Date: December 14, 2018My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ But as I study the bizarre suburban male mating ritual, I decide to award him points for sheer balls. -Unzipped, Chapter 3, Lauren Blakely Lauren Blakely strikes again. I started reading this story thinking… this seems a little too cheesy for my taste. Like, “blue… Read More

Book Review – Stuck With Me by Cassandra Piat

Stuck with Me : A romantic comedy set in Mauritius by Cassandra Piat My rating: 5 of 5 stars I received an Advanced Reader Copy of Stuck With Me by Cassandra Piat back in July 2016 for the purposes of beta-reading. My Thoughts What a great book! It’s very relatable, and I felt pretty invested… Read More